Vitality with mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have huge potential. They may be small, silent and inconspicuous but in reality, they are anything but that: Mushrooms conceal a whole load of valuable substances that are beneficial to the human organism. Medicinal mushrooms are concentrated powerhouses and have a huge potential that is largely still undiscovered. Studies show that medicinal mushrooms have the property to detoxify, fortify and balance the entire body, which is essential for a healthy life.

Edible, good and ingenious: Mushrooms are more than meets the eye. People in the ancient world were already aware of this, as proved by findings dating back over 30,000 years. Prominent proof of this is the most famous ice mummy in the world. "Ötzi" carried with him various types of mushrooms for home remedies, such as the "tinder fungus" and the "birch polypore", while in the Middle Ages, the abbess Hildegard von Bingen was well-known for her appreciation of the medicinal uses of mushrooms. She used them in her therapies and subdivided them into two groups: mushrooms that grow on trees and others that grow on the ground. She has left us with a recommendation dating back to the 12th century. "Mushrooms that grow on living and cut down trees are quite appropriate for a diet and, now and then, also as a medicine. Those from the walnut tree help with worms, those from the birch tree help with a cold and a stomach with too much phlegm, those from the willow help with lung and spleen problems as well as with the veil in front of the eyes, those from the pear tree are suitable for scab." It is interesting that the findings of the research carried out by the famous healer match those of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). She also described the healing power of the Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) mushroom. In European cultural circles, mushrooms for various remedies and medicinal purposes have been gaining in popularity for several centuries. The demand is supported by many scientific studies conducted in recent years. The results all show the same: Mushrooms contain substances that can be used for well-being, for prevention and for complementary medicinal applications. Their broad range of effects, flexible range of applications and gentle energy make them highly appreciated helpers.

Internet of the forest - mushrooms are intelligent masters of adaptation and networkers. They are important partners in the most varied ecosystems in which they play a decisive role. Without mushrooms and their links, nature would organize and present itself in a very different way. Via the endlessly long, underground network of mushrooms, plants are supplied not only with water and minerals, but also with information. The most recent studies confirm that plants exchange information via mushroom networks. If there is any risk of a pest infestation, neighboring plants are informed in advance and can activate appropriate defense mechanisms

With their adaptogenic (adjusting) properties, mushrooms have a very special gift: In the immune system, they have a modulating effect. On the one hand, the same mushrooms can stimulate the immune system, but can also balance an overly active immune system, as in the case of allergies and autoimmune diseases. The same applies to the regulation of blood pressure. Practice shows clearly that mushrooms have a modulating and balancing effect on the organism. More and more scientific studies are confirming this fascinating mechanism.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", are the words of the most famous physician of the Ancient world, Hippocrates. That's exactly what mushrooms can do. In other words, they don't just taste good. With an almost infinite number of valuable substances they provide the human body with a lavish menu. They are rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and dietary fibers. Other valuable elements that are found in the mushrooms and have particularly effective anti-inflammatory properties are triteness, as well as adenose, which plays an essential role in the energy balance of cells, and polysaccharides, which balance out the immune system. Mushrooms provide valuable substances for pharmaceutical use such as penicillin, ciclosporin, lovastatin and ergometrine. They have also proven their worth as a supplementary treatment to chemotherapies.

In mycotherapy, the beneficial effects of vital mushrooms on health are known. These intelligent plants cannot move to escape danger, so they rely on symbiosis and develop a large arsenal of defensive substances to keep unwanted guests at bay. These valuable substances can be successfully used for healing purposes.

In the Paljari range you will find the most effective vital mushrooms elaborated according to a wise original recipe, composed of 60% of mushroom extract, 30% of powdered mushrooms and 10% of vitamin C. The mixture of extract and powder combines the beneficial properties of pure mushroom powder with those of polysaccharide mushroom extract. 

When it comes to quality, we accept no compromises and rely on science and on the active substances provided by nature. Our products bear the AGROLAB certificate of quality and are tested to ensure the absence of any harmful substances.