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Mag. Dr. Gerhard Gruber is the President (chairman of the board) and a founding member of Paljari. A microbiologist with a master degree in the use of medicinal mushrooms and herbal therapy, he is responsible within the company for science and research, product development and organization. In the "Health - Energy from within" division, he focuses on specialist presentations and personal consultations. With the aid of live blood analyses and traditional blood counts, it is possible to formulate ideal individual remedies using medicinal mushrooms and natural supplements. His recommendations are always backed up by in-house tests. He only releases out products that he has tried out himself.

Peter Tribus is the Managing Director and a founding member of Paljari. As a full-bodied businessman and with 25 years of experience in the sale of natural sleep systems, he works closely together with people and has a great deal of empathy for their needs. To reach old age healthily with energy from outside: that is a goal he would like to share. By giving lectures and attending to colleagues and customers, he pursues his mission to abide by the holistic principle and physiocentric world vision of Paljari: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a part of nature, every person can have their fair share of "natural health".

The potentialities of both business partners, who complement each other on both a private and a professional level, go hand in hand, thus forming a holistic and competent company leadership. At Paljari, every single member of the passionate, motivated community is valued. The team strives constantly to make the Paljari philosophy come true with comprehensive specialized knowledge, enormous commitment and joy in what they do. We consider ourselves a competent partner for health matters and take time for our customers. We offer our professional support in personal consultations and specialist presentations on various topics in Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Our descriptions and other product data are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.