Fiber Paljari






Pull on and never take off: The patented high-tech fiber opens up new dimensions of body sensations. The combination of technical competence, precision, high-tech and nature makes the fiber used by Paljari a comfortable and effective textile for well-being. A unique composition of various noble metals creates beneficial organic infrared that reaches the finest capillaries. The effectiveness of the fiber undergoes continual tests and examinations and has been tested by various universities, hospitals, medical centers and laboratories. Studies show that organic infrared can improve blood circulation, the cell water and metabolism. It boosts cell regeneration and helps to reduce pain. For studies and further literature, please see the "Studies" section of our web site www. or the brochure "Fascination organic infrared".

As with so many ingenious inventions, coincidence played a role in the development of the fibers used by Paljari. In the 80's, the NASA was looking for a way to fit out its astronauts with fast-drying, antibacterial clothing. After their mission in outer space, they wanted to be able to get back to normal without the usual strong body odor. Finally, after decades of research, 

Japanese scientist Dr. Toshio Komuro developed a technology that enabled this. The product is a fiber that eliminates 99.53% of the bacteria on the skin's surface within 24 hours. And even more. Scientists noticed, almost by chance, that this fiber also improves the muscles of the cosmonauts, which became weaker during the space mission. They regenerated much faster than before and regained in strength quicker. This was made possible by the high-tech fiber, now patented, which had a beneficial effect on their health thanks to the low-frequency infrared radiation waves. The organic infrared fiber was born.

The fine noble metal particles that are fused together with the fibers absorb the body heat, convert it into so-called long-wave infrared and restore this to the body. As if through a window, the infrared waves penetrate into the skin up to a depth of five millimeters. This enables a soft heat exchange of the subcutaneous tissues and allows the entire muscular system to relax deeply. Something fascinating happens in the body: The water molecular chains that transport oxygen and nutrients begin to rotate and vibrate. In this way, they move in a similar way to a mechanical resonance. The chains thus become smaller and the clusters that have formed can pass through the cell walls in larger quantities. The consequence: As a result, cells are supplied more quickly and efficiently with more essential oxygen and necessary nutrients.

More nutrients, more oxygen: These are only two of the mobilizing elements that help the miracle of the human body - and that of animals - to help itself. Once a few essential factors have been stimulated, the entire organism regains in strength and thus in balance.